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2019 Working Paper Series

No. Authors Title
2019-1 Ichiro Iwasaki, Xinxin Ma, and Satoshi Mizobata Corporate Ownership and Managerial Turnover in China and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Meta-Analysis
2019-2 Kazuhiro Kumo Inter-Regional Population Re-distribution in Soviet Russia Revisited
2019-3 Kazuhiro Kumo Population Statistics for the Central Asian States (in Japanese)
2019-4 Harry X. Wu Towards an Institutional Interpretation of TFP Changes in China
2019-5 Toshiaki Iizuka and Hitoshi Shigeoka Free for Children? Patient Cost-sharing and Healthcare Utilization
2019-6 Ichiro Iwasaki and Kazuhiro Kumo
2019-7 Norio Horie and Kazuhiro Kumo Socialist Legacies and Human Resource Management in European Transition Economies:  An Analytical Survey
2019-8 Ichiro Iwasaki and Masahiro Tokunaga 
2019-9 Duol Kim and Heejin Park A Consequence of Coerced Free Trade: Biological Living Standards of Korea during the Port-Opening Period, 1876-1910
Masahiro Tokunaga
Regime Change and Environmental Reform: A Systematic Review of Research on Central and Eastern Europe
Kazuya Masuda and Muhammad Halley Yudhistira
Does education secularize the Islamic population? The effect of years of schooling on religiosity, voting, and pluralism in Indonesia
2019-12 Lisa Blaydes and Christopher Paik
2019-13 Yu. Ivanov, Kazuko Kawamoto, Kazuhiro Kumo, Yukiko Hama, T. Khomenko

Statistical System of Central Asia                      (in Japanese)

2019-14 Kanda Naknoi The Thai Military As a Business Group, 1940-2016