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2001 Working Paper Series

No. Authors Title
2001-1 Masaharu Hanazaki and Akie Takeuchi An Internal Comparison of Corporate Investment Behavior -Some Implications for the Governance Structure in Japan-
2001-2 Katsuyuki Kubo The Determinants of Executive Compensation in Japan and the UK: Agency Hypothesis or Joint Determination Hypothesis?
2001-3 Katsuyuki Kubo Changes in Directors' Incentive Plans and the Performance of Firms in the UK
2001-4 Yupana Wiwattanakantang Controlling Shareholders and Corporate Value: Evidence from Thailand
2001-5 Katsuyuki Kubo The Effect of Managerial Ownership on Firm Performance: Case in Japan
2001-6 Didier Guillot and James R. Lincoln The Permeability of Network Boundaries: Strategic Alliances in the Japanese Electronics Industry in the 1990s
2001-7 Naohito Abe Ageing and its Macroeconomic Implications in Japan-
2001-8 Yupana Wiwattanakantang The Equity Ownership Structure of Thai Firms
2001-9 Megumi Suto Capital Structure and Investment Behaviour of Malaysian Firms in the 1990s--A study of Corporate Governance before the Crisis--
2001-10 Naohito Abe, Noel Gaston and Katsuyuki Kubo Executive Pay in Japan : The Role of Bank-Appointed Monitors and the Main BankRelationship
2001-11 Colin Mayer The Financing and Governance of New Technologies
2001-12 Masaharu Hanazaki and Akiyoshi Horiuchi Can the Financial Restraint Hypothesis Explain Japan's Postwar Experience?
2001-13 Shin-ichi Fukuda The Role of Long-term Loans for Economic Development: Empirical Evidence in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
2001-14 S. Ghon Rhee Further Reforms of the JGB Market for the Promotion of Regional Bond Markets

Stijn Claessens, Simeon Djankov,Joseph P. H. Fan and Larry H. P. Lang

The Benefits and Costs of Internal Markets: Evidence from Asia's Financial Crisis
2001-16 Kenneth A. Kim and John R. Nofsinger Institutional Herding, Business Groups, and Economic Regimes: Evidence from Japan
2001-17 Mitsuhiro Fukao Financial Deregulations, Weakness of Market Discipline, and Market Development: Japan's Experience and Lessons for Developing Countries
2001-18 Akio Kuroda and Koichi Hamada Towards an Incentive Compatible Financial System: Accounting and Managing the Non-Performing Loans
2001-19 Randall Morck and Bernard Yeung Japanese Economic Success and the Curious Characteristics of Japanese Stock Prices
2001-20 Miguel A. Garcia-Cestona Ownership Structure, Banks and the Role of Stakeholders: The Spanish Case
2001-21 Joseph P. H. Fan and T. J. Wong Corporate Ownership Structure and the Informativeness of Accounting Earnings in East Asia
2001-22 Heather Montgomery The Effect of the Basel Accord on Bank Lending in Japan
2001-23 Naoyuki Yoshino, Sahoko Kaji, and Ayako Suzuki The Basket-peg, Dollar-peg and Floating--A Comparative Analysis of Exchange Rate Regimes
2001-24 Colin Mayer, Koen Schoors and Yishay Yafeh Sources of Funds and Investment Strategies of Venture Capital Funds: Evidence and Yishay Yafeh from Germany, Israel, Japan and the UK
2001-25 Yukinobu Kitamura, Megumi Suto and Juro Teranishi Reflections on New Financial System in Japan: Participation Costs, Wealth Distribution, and Security Market-Based Intermidiation