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2008 Working Paper Series

No. Authors Title
2008-1 Rudiger Fahlenbrach and Rene M. Stulz

Managerial Ownership Dynamics and Firm Value

2008-2 Morten Bennedsen, Kasper Meisner Nielsen and Thomas Vester Nielsen Private Contracting and Corporate Governance: Evidence from the Provision of Tag-Along Rights in an Emerging Market
2008-3 Joseph P.H. Fan, Jun Huang, Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Mengxin Zhao Corporate Diversification in China: Causes and Consequences
2008-4 Daniel Ferreira, Miguel A. Ferreira and Clara C. Raposo Board Structure and Price Informativeness


Nicola Gennaioli and Stefano Rossi Judicial Discretion in Corporate Bankruptcy
2008-6 Nicola Gennaioli and Stefano Rossi Optimal Resolutions of Financial Distress by Contract

Renee B. Adams and Daniel Ferreira

Women in the Boardroom and Their Impact on Governance and Performance
2008-8 Worawat Margsiri, Antonio S. Melloy and Martin E. Ruckesz A Dynamic Analysis of Growth via Acquisition
2008-9 Pantisa Pavabutra and Sukanya Prangwattananon Tick Size Change on the Stock Exchange of Thailand
2008-10 Maria Boutchkova, Hitesh Doshi, Art Durnev and Alexander Molchanov Politics and Volatility

Yan-Leung Cheung,  
P. Raghavendra Rau and Aris Stouraitis

The Helping Hand, the Lazy Hand, or the Grabbing Hand? Central vs. Local Government Shareholders in Publicly Listed Firms in China
2008-12 Art Durnev and Larry Fauver Stealing from Thieves: Firm Governance and Performance when States are Predatory


Kenneth Lehn, Sukesh Patro, and Mengxin Zhao Determinants of the Size and Structure of Corporate Boards: 1935-2000


Ishtiaq P. Mahmood, Hong-Jin Zhu and Edward J. Zajac Where Can Capabilities Come From?
How the Content of Network Ties Affects Capability Acquisition
2008-15 Vladimir I. Ivanov and Ronald W. Masulis Corporate Venture Capital, Strategic
Alliances, and the Governance of
Newly Public Firms
2008-16 Dick Beason, Ken Gordon, Vikas Mehrotra and Akiko Watanabe Does Restructuring Pay in Japan?
Evidence Following the Lost Decade 
(revised on Aug. 2009)
2008-17 Pramuan Bunkanwanicha and Yupana Wiwattanakantang Big Business Owners in Politics
2008-18 James R. Lincoln Innovation and Change in the Process of Alliance Formation in the Japanese Electronics Industry
2008-19 James R. Lincoln Strategic Alliances in the Japanese Economy: Types, Critiques,  Embeddedness, and Change
2008-20 Dick Beason, Ken Gordon, Vikas Mehrotra and Akiko Watanabe Does Restructuring Pay in Japan?
Evidence Following the Lost Decade
(revised on Aug. 2009)
2008-21 Andrew Burke and André van Stel The Entrepreneurial Adjustment Process in Disequilibrium: Entry and Exit when Markets Under and Over Shoot
2008-22 Luca Grilli When Things Get Tough Do the Tough Get Going? Founders’ Pre-entry Work Experience and High-tech Start-up Survival during an Industry Crisis
2008-23 Jolanda Hessels and André van Stel Export-Driven New Ventures
and Economic Growth
2008-24 Chi-Nien Chung, Ishtiaq Mahmood and Will Mitchell Political Connections and Business Strategy: The Impact of Types and Destinations of Political Ties on Business Diversification in Closed and Open Political Economic
2008-25 Robert Dekle and Kyoji Fukao The Japan-U.S. Exchange Rate, Productivity, and the Competitiveness of Japanese Industries
2008-26 Kyoji Fukao, Harry X. Wu and Tangjun Yuan Comparative Output and Labour Productivity in Manufacturing for China, Japan, Korea and the United States in Circa 1935 by a Production PPP Approach
2008-27 Sanghoon Ahn, Kyoji Fukao and Keiko Ito The Impact of Outsourcing on the Japanese and South Korean Labor Markets:  International Outsourcing of Intermediate Inputs and Assembly in East Asia