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2016 Working Paper Series

No. Authors Title
Saumik Paul
Heterogeneous Structural Transformation and Growth Incidence across the Income Distribution: the Kuznets Curve Revisited
2016-2 Kazuhiro Kumo Inter-regional Population Migration in Russia Revisited: Analysis on Origin-to-Destination Matrix, 1990-2013
2016-3 Xinxin Ma and Shi Li Economic Transition and the Determinants of Self-employment in Urban China: 2007-2013
2016-4 Xinxin Ma and Shi Li Industrial Segregation and Wage Gaps between Migrants and Local Urban Residents in China:2002-2013  
2016-5 Marjan Petreski Does Return Migration Affect Health Outcomes in Macedonia?
2016-6 Róbert Iván Gál, Pieter Vanhuysse and Lili Vargha
Pro-elderly welfare states within pro-child societies: Incorporating family cash and time into intergenerational transfers analysis
2016-7 Ichiro Iwasaki The Evolution of Corportate Governance in the Global Financial Crisis: the Case of Russian Industrial Firms
2016-8 Shintaro Yamaguchi Effects of Parental Leave Policies on Female Career and Fertility Choices
2016-9 Ichiro Iwasaki and Kazuhiro Kumo Decline and Growth in Transition Economies: A Meta-Analysis
2016-10 Takashi Kurosaki, Rasyad Parinduri and Saumik Paul Evaluating Efficiency Gains from Tenacy Reform Targeting a Heterogeneous Group of Sharecroppers: Evidence from India 
2016-11 Saumik Paul 1930-1943: Agrarian Transformation and the Famine in Bengal
2016-12 Saumik Paul and Kyoji Fukao The Role of Structural Transformation in Regional Productivity Growth and Convergence in Japan: 1874 - 2008
2016-13 Ichiro Iwasaki and Satoshi Mizobata