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2006 Working Paper Series

No. Authors Title
2006-1 Hiroyuki Okamuro and Jian Xiong Zhang Ownership Structure and R&D Investment of Japanese Start-up Firms
2006-2 Hiroyuki Okamuro Determinants of R&D Activities by Start-up Firms:
Evidence from Japan
2006-3 Joseph P.H. Fan, T.J. Wong and Tianyu Zhang The Emergence of Corporate Pyramids in China
2006-4 Pramuan Bunkanwanicha, Jyoti Gupta and Yupana Wiwattanakantang Pyramiding of Family-owned Banks in Emerging Markets
2006-5 Bernardo Bortolotti and Mara Faccio Reluctant privatization
2006-6 Jorn Kleinert and Farid Toubal Distance costs and Multinationals' foreign activities
2006-7 Jorn Kleinert and Farid Toubal Dissecting FDI
2006-8 Shin-ichi Fukuda and Satoshi Koibuchi The Impacts of "Shock Therapy" on Large and Small Clients: Experiences from Two Large Bank Failures in Japan
2006-9 Shin-ichi Fukuda, Munehisa Kasuya and Kentaro Akashi The Role of Trade Credit for Small Firms: An Implication from Japan's Banking Crisis
2006-10 Pramuan Bunkanwanicha and Yupana Wiwattanakantang Big Business Owners and Politics: Investigating the Economic Incentives of Holding Top Office
2006-11 Sang Whi Lee, Seung-Woog Kwang, Donald J. Mullineaux and Kwangwoo Park Agency Conflicts, Financial Distress, and Syndicate Structure: Evidence from Japanese Borrowers
2006-12 Masaharu Hanazaki and Qun Liu Corporate Governance and Investment in East Asian Firms -Empirical Analysis of Family-Controlled Firms-
2006-13 Kentaro Iwatsubo and Konomi Tonogi Foreign Ownership and Firm Value: Identification through Heteroskedasticity (in Japanese)
2006-14 Kentaro Iwatsubo and Kazuyuki Inagaki Measuring Financial Market Contagion Using Dually-Traded Stocks of Asian Firms
2006-15 Hun-Chang Lee When and how did Japan catch up with Korea? -A comparative study of the pre-industrial economies of Korea and Japan (revised on 0704)
2006-16 Kyoji Fukao, Keiko Ito, Shigesaburo Kabe, Deqiang Liu and Fumihide Takeuchi Are Japanese Firms Failing to Catch up in Localization? An Empirical Analysis Based on Affiliate-level Data of Japanese Firms and a
Case Study of the Automobile Industry in China
2006-17 Kyoji Fukao, Young Gak Kim and Hyeog Ug Kwon Plant Turnover and TFP Dynamics in Japanese Manufacturing
2006-18 Kyoji Fukao, Keiko Ito, Hyeg Ug Kwon and Miho Takizawa Cross-Border Acquisitions and Target Firms' Performance: Evidence from Japanese Firm-Level Data
2006-19 Jordan Siegel and Felix Oberholzer-Gee Expropriators or Turnaround Artists? The Role of Controlling Families in South Korea
2006-20 Francis Kramarz and David Thesmar Social Networks in The Boardroom

Morten Bennedsen, Francisco Perez-Gonzalez and Daniel Wolfenzon

Do CEOs matter?