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East Asian Listed Companies[EALC] Database 2010

EALC 2010 in principle targets all listed firms in Japan, China, and South Korea (not including the financial sector). It includes data necessary to measure total factor productivity at the company level and the periods covered are 1985 through 2007 for Japanese firms, 1985 through 2007 for South Korean firms, and 1999 through 2005 for Chinese firms.

Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER) created the East Asian Listed Companies Database 2010("EALC 2010") along with the Hitotsubashi University Center for Economic Institutions (CEI), the CENU Center for China and Asian Studies (CCAS;Professor Tomohiko Inui as project representative), and the Center for Corporate Competitiveness of Seoul National Universiry(Professor Keun Lee as project representative).

You can download the database and its explanation at the JCER Website.