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Research Paper Series

ISSN: 1884-3166

CEI Research Paper Series (RPS) is a compilation of research products by research professionals, including full-time, visiting, and adjunct professors of CEI, as well as research professionals external to CEI, who have whilst in CEI, presented their papers. 

The papers issued in this series is automatically posted in the RePEcs (Research Papers in Economics), and is registered under the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).  It will also be widely known in institutions such as Japan's National Diet Library.  

2009 Research Paper Series

No. Date Authors Title
2009-1 2009/10/30 Csaba Makó, Péter Csizmadia, Miklós Illessy, Ichiro Iwasaki, and Miklós Szanyi Organizational Innovation in the Manufacturing Sector and the Knowledge Intensive Business Services