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Message from the Head of CEI

The Center for Economic Institutions (CEI) is affiliated with the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, and was established in April 2000 with the aims of conducting systematic basic research on economic institutions and economic policies and to become the center of an international research network for this purpose.

Under the main research themes, "Financial Systems and Corporate Governance in Asia" and "Poverty Reduction, Institutions, Markets and Policies in Developing Countries: Toward a Theory of Comparative Economic Development" etc, CEI has conducted extensive research by inviting eminent researchers from overseas and Japan. The results of CEI's research over the past two decades have been accumulated in the forms of the publication of books, journal articles, and working papers; the creation of an extensive international network of researchers; and the construction of original databases.

In April 2021, CEI is launching a new research topic, "Comprehensive Analysis of Disparity." As inequality has become a major concern in many societies, we focus not only on economic disparity, but also on disparities in education, health, information, and other important dimensions and explore their interrelations, long-run trends, and institutional determinants.

We greatly appreciate your continuing support for our research activities at CEI.

CEI Research Director

Chiaki Moriguchi