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2012 Working Paper Series

No. Authors Title
2012-1 Youngho Kang and Byung-Yeon Kim Immigration and Economic Growth: Do Origin and Destination Matter?
2012-2 Hee-Dong Yang, Christoph Karon and Sora Kang To Convert or not to Convert to the Upgraded Version of de-facto Standard Software?
2012-3 Yutaka Arimoto, Takeshi Fujie and Tetsuji Senda

Farmers' Debt in 1930's Japan (in Japanese)

2012-4 Kyoji Fukao and Tangjun Yuan

China's Economic Growth, Structural Change and the Lewisian Turning Point

2012-5 Jonathan Morduch, Shamika Ravi and Jonathan Bauchet Failure vs. Displacement: Why an Innovative Anti-Poverty Program Showed No Net Impact.(Revised as  "Substitution Bias and External Validity: Why an Innovative Anti-Poverty Program Showed No Net Impact"(CEI 2013-3)

Yutaka Arimoto, Seiro Ito, Yuya Kudo and Kazunari Tsukada

Stigma, Social Relationship and HIV Testing in the Workplace: Evidence from South Africa


Yutaka Arimoto, Shinsaku Nakajima and Kohji Tomita

Farmland Consolidation by Plot Exchange: A Simulation-based Approach (in Japanese)

2012-8 Takashi Kurosaki

Household-level Recovery after Floods in a Developing Country: Evidence from Pakistan

2012-9 Yuko Mori and Takashi Kurosaki

Does Political Reservation Affect
Voting Behavior? Empirical Evidence from India

2012-10 Takashi Kurosaki

Vulnerability of Household Consumption to Floods and
Droughts in Developing Countries: Evidence from Pakistan

2012-11 Takashi Kurosaki and Hidayat Ullah Khan

Household Vulnerability to
Wild Animal Attacks in Developing Countries: Experimental Evidence from Rural Pakistan

2012-12 Ann M. Carlos, Erin Fletcher and Larry Neal

Share Portfolios and Risk Management in the Early Years of Financial Capitalism: London 1690-1730

2012-13 Katsuo Kogure

Impacts of Institutional Changes in Cambodia under the Pol Pot Regime


Jun-ichi Nakamura and Shin-ichi Fukuda

What Happened to "Zombie" Firms in Japan?: Reexamination for the Lost Two Decades (in Japanese)


Vikas Rawal

Cost of Cultivation and Farm Business Incomes in India