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ワーキングペーパーシリーズ - 2013年版

No. Authors Title
2013-1 Ryo Kambayashi and Takao Kato Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, and the Great Recession: Lessons from Japan’s Lost Decade
2013-2 Jonathan Morduch,Shamika Ravi and Jonathan Bauchet

Robert Cull, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt and Jonathan Morduch

Banks and Microbanks

William H. Greene, Max Gillman, Mark N. Harris and Christopher Spencer

The Tempered Ordered Probit (TOP) Model with an Application to Monetary Policy

René Belderbos, Kenta Ikeuchi, Kyoji Fukao, Young Gak Kim and Hyeog Ug Kwon

Plant Productivity Dynamics and Private and Public R&D Spillovers: Technological, Geographic and Relational Proximity

Takashi Kurosaki

Long-term Agricultural Growth in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh from 1901/02 to 2001/02

Takashi Kurosaki and Hidayat Ullah Khan

Community-Based Development and Aggregate Shocks in  Developing Countries: The Experience of an NGO in Pakistan (in Japanese)

Sandra Cavaco, Tor Eriksson and Ali Skalli

Life Cycle Development of Obesity and Its Determinants in Six European Countries


Tor Eriksson and Jaime Ortega

Organizational Structure and Firms' Demand for HRM Practices


Katsuo Kogure and Yoshito Takasaki

Long-term Effects of the Cambodian Genocide on Education (in Japanese)


Yoshihisa Godo

A New Database on Education Stock in the Philippines (in Japanese)


Konomi Tonogi, Jun-ichi Nakamura and Kazumi Asako

Heterogeneity of Capital Stocks in Japan: Classification by Factor Analysis