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ワーキングペーパーシリーズ - 2018年(最新)版

No. Authors Title
Eduard Baumöhl, Ichiro Iwasaki, and Evžen Kočenda 
2018-2 Kazuya Masuda and Maureen Chitundu
2018-3 Quheng Deng and Xinxin Ma The Dynamics of Informal Employment in Urban China
2018-4 Kazuya Masuda and Chikako Yamauchi The Effects of Universal Secondary Education Program Accompanying Public-Private Partnership on Students' Access, Sorting and Achievement: Evidence from Uganda
2018-5  Kazuya Masuda and Yoko Sakai Secondary education and international labor mobility: Evidence from the free secondary education reform in the Philippines
2018-6 Rashesh Shrestha and Ian Coxhead Export boom, employment bust? The paradox of Indonesia’s displaced
2018-7 Ichiro Iwasaki and Evžen Kočenda
2018-8 Ichiro Iwasaki and Satoshi Mizobata
2018-9 Xinxin Ma and Jingwen Zhang The Timing of Childbearing and Female Labor Supply in China
Kazuhiro Kumo and Tamara Litvinenko
2018-11 D. S. Prasada Rao Macro-economic Measures for a Globalised World: Global Growth and Inflation
2018-12 Pierre van der Eng and Kitae Sohn