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International Networks

The results of CEI's research have been accumulated in the forms of the publication of working papers, books, and journal articles; the creation of an extensive international network of researchers; and the construction of original databases on Japanese and Asian companies.

From the international research network point of view, CEI has held regular research seminars (CEI Seminar) and international conferences inviting domestic and international scholars to present their recent research. We also have a CEI Visiting Faculty Program, through which, visiting international faculty members have built strong relationships with domestic researchers as well as our graduate students. These international networking have broadened through the years.

CEI seminars are usually held twenty to thirty times yearly. However, due to the Covid 19 epidemic from the end of 2019, we had to withhold the seminars for some time. But by going online, we resumed afterward holding 12 seminars by the end of 2020. We have been inviting five to six international researchers yearly, including professors and associate professors from various institutions worldwide.  CEI members have actively interacted with researchers from overseas, but again, because of Covid 19 and the travel restrictions caused by it, most of the scheduled visits were canceled or postponed. We would like to resume this program by the end of 2021. International conferences were also canceled for the same reason, but we plan to actively organize these as well. We are also planning on sending graduate students and young researchers to institutions abroad. CEI continuingly aspires to develop as an international research hub for the community of researchers in and out of Japan.