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Online Seminar No.15 (Applied Micro International Workshop ), Joint Usage program / EDW / CEI Seminar

March 19th,  2021 (Fri.)  ① 10:00-11:00 ②11:10-12:10
Venue: Tokyo Time  via Zoom
1st Speaker: Laura Boudreau (Columbia University)   
Title: "Union Leaders: Experimental Evidence from Myanmar" joint with Rocco Macchiavello (LSE), Virginia Minni (LSE), and Mari Tanaka (Hitotsubashi)

2nd Speaker: Timothy Halliday (University of Hawaii at Manoa) 
Title: "The Impact of Medicaid on Medical Utilization by Risk Status in a Migrant Population” joint with Randall Akee (UCLA) and Teresa Molina (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
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Organizers: Chiaki Moriguchi [IER],  Mari Tanaka [GSE], Kazuya Masuda [IER], Kensuke Teshima [IER],  Guenwoo Lee [IER], and Yukichi Mano [GSE]
Host/Co-host: EDW/CEI/Joint Usage/