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No.20, CEI Seminar / Economic Development Workshop

Nov. 22nd, 2019 (Fri) 10:45-12:15
Venue: Seminar Room (2), 3rd Floor, IER
Speaker: R. Manjula (Institute of Social and Economic Change)
Title: "Decentralised Governance and Service Delivery in South India" 
Speaker: D. Rajasekhar  (Institute of Social and Economic Change)
Title: "Decentralisation and Equity in public services: Evidence using streetlights in south India"  
Note: Ikkyo-sai (school festival) will be held on Nov.22-24, but IER will operate as usual.
Organizers: Takashi Kurosaki [IER],  Kazuya Masuda [IER], Yutaka Arimoto [IER]
Host/Co-host: CEI/EDW